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Friends of Western




 What is or are “Friends of Western”?


 It had been felt for some time that players, after having enjoyed a long and successful
 playing career at the club, tend to drift away. Following a mailshot in early 2005, we have
 so far recruited over 65 people who have welcomed the opportunity to make contact
 with old friends and be kept informed of club news
and developments.


 The aim is to cater for anyone with an interest in Western Hockey club – past members,
 players currently not playing (e.g. away at university) and parents of junior and senior
 members etc.


 In addition we aim to enable Friends to play a part in continuing the phenomenal success
 that WHC has achieved over one hundred years in Scotland and more recently in Europe.



 Who are Friends of Western ?


 Our Membership comprises mainly ex-players whose playing days date back to the 1950s
 (and beyond!), and some who have recently left. There are also parents of current players.


 We have to stress that Friends are not necessarily synonymous with Veterans, although it
 must be admitted that most of us are pushing on a bit. We want to encourage younger
 members, especially recent departees. If you know the current address of anyone in this
 category, please let us know, and encourage them to join.  Nor is our primary function to raise
 funds for the hockey club.


 How do I Join?


 Contact Angus Scott by email at:  amscott121@aol.com, by phone on 0141 339 7994, or by post at:


 Flat 2/1, 10 Beaconsfield Road, Glasgow G12 0PW. 


 The recommended annual subscription is £10 per annum, preferably paid by standing order, and the appropriate forms will be sent out on request.   A newsletter is issued two or three times each year, to keep members informed of club performances and activities, but most will access the club website for current news. 

Current committee members are:  Graeme Kenny (treasurer), Roger Jamieson, Gordon MacKenzie and Gus Scott.  General enquires  should be sent to Gus.